Kakegurui Watch Order

Sometimes, the most challenging situations require no physical need at all. Instead, it takes a sense of calm, confidence, and an unreasonable obsession with gambling.

With a high school setting, Kakegurui is an anime with a gambling theme. This elite-looking school has a quirky way of working and has games as well as part of their curriculum.

The reason behind this strange curriculum is to prepare students for the real world. Students try to spend hours trying to excel in the mentally exhausting arts and to climb up the social ladder.

Kakegurui anime series is done with luxury by studio MAPPA. So here the watch order:

1. Kakegurui (2017)

Kakegurui (2017) anime mappa

Rating: 4 out of 5.
AiredSummer 2017

In the day, the exclusive elite private school prepares its illustrious students for careers in business, politics and high society.

But when a sudden shadow came, the hall of this fine building turned into an underground gambling den.

It’s a place for bright-eyed youngsters to learn the timeless art of bluffing, backdoor dealing, and social manipulation.

In this school for the rich and elite, money is power, and the tyrant of the betting book is ordered with an iron fist.

So when the beautiful Yumeko Jabami disrupts the academy hierarchy with her greedy lust for sensationalism, the entire student body moves to tear her down.

2. Kakegurui xx (2019)

Kakegurui xx anime mappa

Rating: 4 out of 5.
AiredWinter 2019

At Hyakkao Private Academy, Yumeko Jabami’s star rises just as the student council’s reputation begins to fade.

In the shadow of the council’s dwindling power, more and more powerful. In a bold attempt to rebalance the social scale, student council president Kirari Momobami intends to bet on the next student council president.

Everyone starts with one chip, and at the end of 30 days, who holds the most becomes the president of the Momobami Clan.

But chips aren’t the only thing students can bet on as they fight desperately to climb to the board president’s seat, and Yumeko Jabami intends to clean the house no matter the prize she has to stake in the betting pool.



Rating: 4 out of 5.
AiredSummer 2022

As the first student of the famous Hyakkaou Private Academy, Mary Saotome knew the time of year was set for a one-way voyage to the top.

That is, until a meeting with an old classmate who becomes a pet throws the novice princess into the world of gambling!

Can a normal girl like Mary make friends and survive debt free with just wit and wit? Find out in this Kakegurui prequel.

The first season of Kakegurui is adapted from chapters 1-27. While in the second season there are many anime-specific changes such as adding new characters and several other minor changes. So it is recommended to read the manga either from the beginning or chapter 27 to avoid confusion.

Kakegurui can be watched on Netflix.

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