Tsukuyo is Gintama’s Ultimate Waifu and Best Anime Girl

At first, I didn’t think Gintama had a heroine worthy of being a waifu. Sorry, maybe it’s just my taste, but I don’t think of Otae, Kagura, Sacchan, and others as waifu. But when Tsukuyo first appeared in the series, I believe I fell in love at first sight.

When you first encounter Hyakka’s leader, this vicious ninja appears incredibly terrifying. However, she does have a soft side that comes out at times.

But her allure isn’t limited to that; here are some other factors that I believe contribute to Tsukuyo being the ultimate waifu.

Do bodyguard look this lovely?

tsukuyo waifu gintama bikini

As the leader of Hyakka, Tsukuyo is a woman who looks very fierce and doesn’t seem to be approachable easily. If you approach her the wrong way, you have your arm cut off like the guy who annoys other geisha in the episode he appears. Even Gintoki was hit by her kunai when he first met Tsukuyo.

But I’m sure no one will argue that Tsukuyo is very beautiful, her face is serious, her hair is unique, her sharp eyes make my heart a little turbulent. Moreover, Tsukuyo is known to be unforgiving, although on a different side when compared to the sadistic Utaha. You get a beautiful waifu, can also take care of you wherever and whenever.


tsukuyo waifu gintama anime girl

Maybe more of a gap moe than a tsundere, Tsukuyo who is always serious and rigid has never been exposed to love. At least before she met Gintoki, and even then I wonder if it deserves to be called love. At least she is one of the closest love interests for Gintoki.

Seeing Tsukuyo blush, when Kagura, Sacchan, and she had to deliver Valentine’s chocolate to Gintoki’s house made me burst out laughing. Tsukuyo who did not dare to deliver her own chocolate had to use Kagura to dare to give it to Gintoki.

Tsukuyo is damn tough!

tsukuyo best girl gintama

As previously mentioned, Tsukuyo is very tough. Trained by Jiraiya, the ninja who dared to throw everything away to become the strongest and set up security in Yoshiwara, forged her into the person she is today. Tsukuyo is able to fight at the same level as Gintoki, although Gintoki can indeed unleash superpowers when needed.

High sense of responsibility

tsukuyo gintama best girl

As a Hyakka leader, Tsukuyo has a high sense of responsibility, especially towards Hinowa who gave her light since she was a child. Because of that, she vowed to protect Hinowa even if it meant she had to fight all of Yoshiwara alone.

After Gintoki and his friends helped her in the Jiraiya arc even though Tsukuyo looked down, it turned out that she was secretly still doing her job as a Hyakka head. To make her cheerful again, Hinowa then suggested her to serve a special guest: Gintoki. She also feels a little responsible after troubling Gintoki, so she, apart from love, wants to serve our protagonist.

Even after she got drunk and ruined everything.

Low alcohol resistance

But of course Tsukuyo is also not always a good waifu, just like a kunai which has 2 sharp sides, Tsukuyo is also like that. 

Tsukuyo can’t drink alcohol, you shouldn’t give her too much alcohol if you don’t want to get hurt. If Tsukuyo is exposed to alcohol, even a little, like when she eats chocolate with alcohol is enough to make her a brutal and ill-read woman. She’ll trash around until she’s gone sober, preferably, the next morning.

Danger when jealous

tsukuyo gintoki gintama tsundere girl

Unfortunately, you have to be careful if she is already jealous, even though Tsukuyo seems to be a mature woman, but if she is jealous she shows dangerous signs.

For example in episode 204, when Gintoki received a lot of New Year’s cards, he was sent a New Year’s card in which Sacchan engineered Gintoki’s marriage to him. But after that Gintoki received some New Year’s cards from Yoshiwara who were a little hostile.

It is strongly suspected that it was Tsukuyo who wrote the New Year’s cards, with cynical messages symbolizing her jealousy. Be careful if you get stuck in your head later.

Tsukuyo, despite looking harsh and cold, actually has a very kind heart. She is also very considerate of Seita, the son of Hinowa who is her dependent. Even when she pretends to live at home with Gintoki, she looks like a good wife-to-be. Cooking for the husband and attention, although a little dangerous around sharp objects.

Tsukuyo also had a pretty dark childhood, because she once threw away her identity as a woman just to become Hyakka. Therefore, you have to be charismatic enough like Gintoki to be able to capture her heart. Personally, I will try my hardest because Tsukuyo is the best girl from the Gintama series. Period.

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