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Every Singularity in Fate/Grand Order

fate grand order singularity

In Fate/Grand Order, when the enigmatic Mage King Solomon unleashed chaos by meddling with the past, he inadvertently birthed the Singularities. These critical junctures in history held the power to rend the fabric of time, spelling doom for humanity and…

Every Honkai Series Game

honkai impact 3rd mihoyo wallpaper

Honkai is a video game franchise developed by miHoYo, published worldwide by Cognosphere, or known as HoYoverse. Just llike Fate series from Type-Moon, while every game in the Honkai series is considered a “spiritual sequel” of its predecessor, many share…

The History Behind Genshin Impact

genshin impact archon raiden venti zhongli nahida

The worldwide popularity of Genshin Impact is undeniable. One of gaming’s biggest success stories of recent years, it features stunning visuals, likable protagonists, and replayable content. From the outside, it may appear like global occurrences appear out of nowhere, but…