HoYoverse Today, Every miHoYo Game Explained

Almost every current gamer has heard about Genshin Impact, and the miHoYo, now HoYoverse, a game company that worked on it. It is, however, not their first or only game.

The startup was formed by three Shanghai Jiaotong University students. They all have similar interests such as anime, comic books, video games, and technology. Their debut game was released in 2011, when they were only an amateur indie developer.

They officially launched miHoYo in 2012 as we know it today. Following that, the company expanded and launched other games that can be played on mobile devices as well as other platforms.

For a global rollout, the company opted to rebrand itself as HoYoverse. This is connected to the legislation that China has enacted to restrict gaming content. As a result, the company’s owner decided to establish a subsidiary in Singapore under the same name as in its native country, miHoYo.

At least seven games have been released since then, with another planned for next year. Some are solely available for mobile devices, while others are also available for computers.

1. FlyMe2theMoon

FlyMe2theMoon mihoyo game

FlyMe2theMoon is a miHoYo mobile platform game that was first launched on September 28, 2011. The iOS universal version, which was launched on February 6, 2012, includes iPad compatibility, HD resolution, new CG, and bug improvements.

The title is drawn from the ending song of Evangelion.

Main character named Kiana. It’s a simple platformer with a story that follows the character’s journey to reach the moon.

MoonTrip, a soundtrack developed with VOCALOID software, and various remixes of the original are included in the game.

2. Zombiegal Kawaii

Zombiegal Kawaii mihoyo game

ZombieGal Kawaii is a 2D side-scrolling shooter miHoYo game.

It is the company’s second game, and its game materials and mechanics were later repurposed for its successor, Honkai Gakuen, also known as Guns GirlZ.

This game follows Kiana Kaslana as she fights her way through a zombie-infested playground. It is based on the anime series High School of the Dead.

3. Honkai Gakuen (Guns GirlZ)

Honkai Gakuen (Guns GirlZ) mihoyo game

Honkai Gakuen or Guns GirlZ is the company’s third game and the first of their games with a comprehensive story, continuing the gameplay of its predecessor ZombieGal Kawaii.

The story follows Kiana Kaslana’s adventures through her three different incarnations. The main characters Raiden Mei and Bronya Zaychik were also introduced, who will always be present in every miHoYo game.

4. Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact 3rd mihoyo game hoyoverse

Honkai Impact 3rd is an action RPG game with 3D format.

The main protagonist of the game is again Kiana Kaslana. A tribute to the main character miHoYo in their early games. And there are Raiden Mei and Bronya as main character alongside her, with some recurring characters from previous game.

Set in an alternate version of Earth, plagued by a mysterious Honkai-induced disaster. Honkai is mostly seen as an evil force with a will of its own.

Honkai have the ability to corrupt humans, create various monsters, and grant certain individuals god-level powers, allowing them to trigger apocalyptic events. These super-powered humans are known as Herrschers. Honkai is a cyclic phenomenon, returning to test civilization on Earth whenever it becomes too advanced.

This miHoYo game first attracted a large fan base in Asia before spreading globally: first released in China in late 2016, it reached 1 million downloads in Japan 11 days after release, and IGN reports that Honkai Impact 3rd amassed a total of 35 million downloads worldwide. world as of March 28, 2018.

The production team for Honkai Impact 3rd grew from just 7 people to employ over 200 employees in 2018.

5. Tears of Themis

Tears of Themis mihoyo game hoyoverse

Tears of Themis has a number of different mechanics. Set in 2030 in the fictional city of Stellis, the main characters are cool boys. This miHoYo game is targeted at women.

The main story is delivered in a visual novel format. Each case is analyzed through searching the crime scene for evidence, and interrogating the NPCs involved. Usually, each chapter ends with a trial, where the player must present evidence proving the defendant’s innocence.

In each chapter, debates are played out in a card battle format using cards collected from the gacha system.

6. Genshin Impact

genshin impact mihoyo game

The miHoYo company has grown from three college friends to a company of hundreds of employees. So they announced their next big project, an open world fantasy RPG at E3 2019.

Genshin Impact‘s visuals and open world gameplay drew attention, though some were quick to call it a clone of the anime version of Breath of the Wild.

With over half of the ten million game pre-registrations coming from outside of China, Genshin Impact is one of the most successful Chinese games to global market launch of all time.

7. Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail mihoyo game hoyoverse

Resuming the Honkai series, this time we are invited to go on an adventure in space.

Honkai: Star Rail was first revealed in October 2021 at the end of Honkai Impact‘s 3rd online concert, Starfire Sonorant, later on the game’s official YouTube channel. Officially released globally on April 26, 2023.

Honkai: Star Rail follows the old-school JRPG or classic Japanese role-playing game style: players build a line-up of characters, and control a team of four in turn-based combat.

Elements of open world and dungeon dungeon exploration are present, with many mechanics, including the gacha system, carried over from previous games.

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8. Zenless Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero mihoyo game

Zenless Zone Zero is an upcoming urban fantasy action role-playing game developed by miHoYo

The game takes place in the post-apocalyptic futuristic metropolis known as New Eridu. Entities known as Ethereals have traveled to the human world from portals called Hollows. Ethereal has wreaked havoc on most of humanity, wiping out most of them.

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