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25 Best Anime School Girls

marin kitagawa best anime school girls

You can’t deny how frequent are schools in anime in modern anime, it’s like every rom-com and fantasy series is set in a high school setting and those anime sure bring a lot of high school anime girls. There is…

Kemonomimi: Animal Ears that Boost Cuteness

Olivia The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody Nekomimi

Kemonomimi (獣耳) literally means “animal ears,” and refers to anime and manga characters who have animal features or characteristics on their bodies. So, what distinguishes kemonomimi from other characters, such as monster females or furries?

15 Hot Photos of Cosplayer Shiro Saki

shiro saki castle cosplay rize chainsaw man

The beautiful cosplayer Shiro Saki (@saki_castle) has modeled a variety of fantastic characters and personas. From Jujutsu Kaisen waifu Nobara Kugisaki to the celebrated Makima from Chainsaw Man. I’ve compiled a some of the best cosplay I can find on…