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One of the shonen anime worth following, Black Clover, is facing an unfavorable halt after running for four seasons encompassing 170 episodes.

While the anime has captivated numerous fans worldwide, regrettably, the series has come to a pause due to a content shortage caused by the ongoing manga by Yuki Tabata, which is currently on hiatus.

Often criticized as a derivative of many classic shonen series, Black Clover has gradually endeared itself to its fans over time, and has also emerged as one of the best-selling manga in Weekly Shonen Jump Shueisha.

If you’re a fan of the shonen genre, then the anime adaptation of Black Clover by Studio Pierrot is a must-try, as it encompasses every element that has endeared you to this genre right from the outset!

List of Arc, Chapter and Episode of Black Clover

The narrative revolves around Asta, a young boy seemingly born without any magical powers, an anomaly in the unfamiliar world he resides in, whereas his foster brother Yuno receives a rare four-leaf grimoire and possesses magical abilities beyond most.

Alongside fellow mages of the Black Bulls, Asta aspires to become the next Wizard King.

ArcManga ChapterAnime Episode
Magic Knight Entrance1-101-13
Dungeon Exploration11-2114-19
Royal Capital Assault22-3720-27
Eye of the Midnight Sun Encounter38-5628-39
Seabed Temple57-7440-51
Witches’ Forest75-10151-65
Royal Knights102-14966-96
Elf Reincarnation150-22896-157
Heart Kingdom Joint Struggle229-260158-167
Spade Kingdom261-331168-170

There are several special episodes crafted solely for enjoyment as spin-offs, based on the manga’s storyline or centered around specific characters.

Furthermore, there’s “Squishy! Black Clover,” a chibi comedy anime that’s genuinely amusing and entertaining. It’s perfect for those who want to see their beloved characters take on a parody-like role.

Finally there are a Black Clover film is in the works released in 2023.

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