One Piece Watch Order and Filler List

Having been around for more than two decades, One Piece is a popular shounen series by Eichiro Oda. The anime adaptation produced by Toei Animation has more than a thousand episodes. There are also 15 films, as well as more than 20 OVAs, short films, and special episodes.

With all these episodes and films, new anime fans who want to follow this anime might be confused. Therefore, I wrote this guide article which I hope will be useful.

One Piece was one of the Shonen Big 3 anime in the 2000s, alongside Naruto and Bleach.

So, without further ado, let’s look at the order to watch One Piece.

SagaArcChapter MangaEpisode Anime
East BlueRomance Dawn1-71-3
Orange Town8-214-8
Syrup Town22-419-18
Arlong Park69-9531-44
Loguetown96-10045, 48-53
Buggy’s Crew Adventure Chronicles46-47
Warship IslandFiller54-61
ArabastaReverse Mountain101-10562-63
Whiskey Peak106-11464-67
Diary of Koby-Meppo89-119 (cover)68-69
Little Garden115-12970-77
Drum Island130-15478-91
Sky IslandGoat IslandFiller136-138
Ruluka IslandFiller139-143
Water 7Long Ring Long Land303-321207-219
Ocean’s DreamFiller220-224
Foxy’s ReturnFiller225-228
Water 7322-374229-263
Enies Lobby375-430264-290,
Boss Luffy Historical SpecialFiller291-292,
303, 406-407
Post-Enies Lobby431-441313-325
Thriller BarkIce HunterFiller326-335
Chopper Man SpecialFiller336
Thriller Bark442-489337-381
Spa IslandFiller382-384
Summit WarSabaody Archipelago490-513385-405
Amazon Lily514-524408-417
Straw Hat’s Separation Serial543-560 (cover)418-421,
Impel Down525-549422-425,
Little East BlueFiller426-429
Toriko CrossoverFiller492
Fish-Man IslandReturn to Sabaody598-602517-522
Fish-Man Island603-653523-541, 543-574
Toriko CrossoverFiller542
DressrosaZ’s AmbitionFiller575-578
Punk Hazard654-699579-589, 591-625
Toriko & Dragon Ball CrossoverFiller590
Caesar RetrievalFiller626-628
Whole Cake IslandSilver MineFiller747-750
Marine RookieFiller780-782
Whole Cake Island825-902783-877
Wano CountryWano Country Part 1909-1057890-894
Cidre GuildFiller895-896
Wano Country Part 2909-1057897-1028
Anime 20th Anniversary specialFiller907
Uta’s PastFiller1029-1030
Wano Country Part 3909-10571031-On Going
Final SagaEgghead1058-On GoingTBA
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