Naruto Watch Order and Filler List

Naruto is a modern classic in manga and anime, often mentioned alongside One Piece and Bleach as part of the Big 3 Shonen.

There are three Naruto series with a total of almost 1000 episodes and 11 films so far. This guide will tell you where you can watch every episode and film of Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

This shonen manga series by Masashi Kishimoto was adapted into an anime by Studio Pierrot.

Like many long-running series, especially those produced in the 2000s, it followed a ‘broadcast as it’s made’ format, akin to soap operas. As a result, there were several filler episodes or side stories since the source material from the manga wasn’t always available.

This is quite different from the approach of modern anime series, which are typically released and divided into seasons.

Table of Contents


naruto anime

This title follows little Naruto, focusing on Team 7 guided by teacher Kakashi and his group friends Sasuke and Sakura.

Several important plots such as the first mission to the Land of Mist, the Chunin exams, the attack on Konoha, the search for Tsunade and the mission to prevent Sasuke from escaping.

ArcManga ChapterAnime Episode
Prologue – Land Of Waves1-331-19
Chunin Exams34-11520-67
Konoha Crush116-13868-80
Search For Tsunade139-17181-100
Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow
Land Of Tea Escort MissionFiller102-106
Sasuke Recovery Mission172-238107-135
Land Of Rice Fields Investigation Mission136-141
Mizuki Tracking MissionFiller142-147
Bikochu Search MissionFiller148-151
Kurosuki Family Removal MissionFiller152-157
Gosunkugi Capture MissionFiller159-160
Naruto the Movie: Legend of the Stone of Gelel
Cursed Warrior Extermination MissionFiller162-167
Kaima Capture MissionFiller169-173
Buried Gold Excavation MissionFiller175-176
Star Guard MissionFiller178-183
Peddlers Escort MissionFiller187-191
Third Great Beast ArcFiller195-196
Naruto the Movie: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom
Konoha Plans Recapture MissionFiller197-201
Yakumo Kurama Rescue MissionFiller203-207
Gantetsu Escort MissionFiller209-212
Menma Memory Search MissionFiller213-215
Sunagakure Support MissionFiller216-220

Naruto Shippuden

naruto shippuden anime

This part follows Naruto after undergoing training with Jiraiya, and is now a teenager.

Several important plots such as the mission to save Gaara, the eradication of Akatsuki, Sasuke vs Itachi, Pain’s invasion of Konoha, and the 4th Shinobi War.

ArcChapter MangaEpisode Anime
Kazekage Rescue Mission245-2811-32
Naruto Shippuden the Movie
Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission282-31033-53
Twelve Guardian NinjaFiller54-71
Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Bonds
Akatsuki Suppression Mission311-34272-88
Three-Tails’ AppearanceFiller89-112
Itachi Pursuit Mission343-367113-118, 121-126
Kakashi Gaiden239-244119-120
Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Inheritors of the Will of Fire
Tale Of Jiraiya The Gallant368-383127-133
Fated Battle Between Brothers384-412134-143
Six-Tails UnleashedFiller144-151
Pain’s Assault413-453152-169 & 172-175
Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The Lost Tower
Past Arc: The Locus Of KonohaFiller176-196
Five Kage Summit454-483197-214
Fourth Shinobi World War: Countdown484-515215-222
Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Blood Prison
Paradise Life On A BoatFiller223-242
Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation516-559261-321
Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Road to Ninja
Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax560-639322-348
& 362-375
Kakashi’s Anbu Arc: The Shinobi That Lives In The Darkness349-361
Birth Of The Ten-Tails’ Jinchuriki634-677378-388,
& 424-431
Jiraiya Shinobi Handbook: The Tale Of Naruto The HeroFiller432-450
Kaguya Otsutsuki Strikes678-700451-455,
& 470-479
Itachi Shinden Book: Light And Darkness452-458
Sasuke Shinden: Book Of Sunrise484-488
Shikamaru Hiden: A Cloud Drifting In Silent Darkness489-493
Naruto the Last: Naruto the Movie
Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day For A Wedding494-500


boruto naruto anime

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is still airing, here are the filler episodes that can be skipped:

ArcManga ChapterAnime Episode
Academy Entrance1-18 (Canon)
Sarada Uchiha701-710 (Naruto Gaiden)19-24
School Trip25-34 (Canon)
Graduation Exam35-39
Genin MissionFiller40-42
Byakuya Gang43-52 (Canon)
Versus Momoshiki (Chuunin Exam)1-1053-66
Mitsuki Disapperance72-92 (Canon)
Parent and Child DayNovel93-97
Curse Mark (Jugo)98-105 (Canon)
Konoha ShindenNovel106-115
Konohamaru and RemonFiller116-119
One Tails Escort Mission120-127 (Canon)
Time Slip128-140 (Canon)
Mujina Bandits11-15141-156
Kara Actuation157-180 (Canon)
Kawaki (Ishiki’s Ressurection)24-55181-220
Chuunin Re-Examination221-227 (Canon)
Great Kirigakure228-260 (Canon)
Kawaki & Himawari AcademyFiller261-273
Labyrinth Game274-281 (Canon)
Sasuke RetsudenNovel282-286
Code55-on going287-on going
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