Durarara!! Watch Order

Durarara!! is a unique anime that combines many different genres to create something truly amazing.

The main concept of Durarara!! is to celebrate the chaos and mystery that unfolds around its diverse cast of characters. If you love something like Bungou Stray Dogs, you must try this show!

This anime by Studio Bones is the epitome of absurdity, with fast-paced episodes and plot twists that come seemingly out of nowhere. Durarara!! is so wild that it’s difficult to spoil what the actual story is to someone who hasn’t seen it yet.

1. Durarara!! (2010)

Durarara!! (2010)

Rating: 4 out of 5.
AiredWinter 2010

In Tokyo’s downtown district of Ikebukuro, amidst many strange rumors and warnings of anonymous gangs and dangerous occupants, one urban legend stands out above the rest—the existence of a headless “Black Rider” who is said to be seen driving a jet-black motorcycle through the city streets.

Ryuugamine Mikado has always longed for the excitement of the city life, and an invitation from a childhood friend convinces him to move to Tokyo.

Witnessing the Black Rider on his first day in the city, his wishes already seem to have been granted. But as supernatural events begin to occur, ordinary citizens like himself, along with Ikebukuro’s most colorful inhabitants, are mixed up in the commotion breaking out in their city.

2. Durarara!! Specials (2010)

Durarara!! Specials (2010)

Rating: 4 out of 5.
AiredSummer 2010

Two extra DVD episodes of Durarara!!

Episode 12.5: Happens between episodes 12 and 13. A UFO is supposedly spotted in Ikebukuro, but what is it really?

Episode 25: Happens after episode 24, the final episode. Shizuo’s brother hosts a TV special downtown, but his life is apparently in danger.

3. Durarara!! X2 (2015)

Durarara!! X2 (2015)

Rating: 4 out of 5.
TitleDurarara!!x2 Shou
AiredWinter 2015

“6 Months Later…We haven’t changed at all… or it seems….”

Half a year after the turmoil that rocked the entire city of Ikebukuro— Peace has once again returned to the city and people are living each day normally.

The high school students enjoy their days of youth as the strongest and most dangerous man of Ikebukuro works diligently. The informant plots a new scheme and the headless rider is pursued by the cops as she rides through the night…

But soon this normal will be cut short by the abnormal. Slowly but surely, the unknown will seize the city and face an all new storm.

4. Durarara!! X2: My Heart is in the Pattern of a Hot Pot (2015)

Durarara!! X2: My Heart is in the Pattern of a Hot Pot (2015)

Rating: 4 out of 5.
TitleDurarara!!x2 Shou: Watashi no Kokoro wa Nabe Moyou
AiredSpring 2015

An extra episode airing at theatres.

5. Durarara!! X2 The Second Arc (2015)

Durarara!! X2 The Second Arc (2015)

Rating: 4 out of 5.
TitleDurarara!!x2 Ten
AiredSummer 2015

The second part of Durarara!!x2

In Ikebukuro, the lives of its citizens continue intertwining with each other as if their fates are predestined. Mikado Ryuugamine is now one step closer to his goal of living an exciting life, and in turn, delves deeper into the darker side of Ikebukuro.

After gaining absolute control over a former rival, he uses his newfound power as he pleases, purging the Dollars from the inside to mold it into the ideal organization. This proves to be as challenging as it sounds as Mikado must now deal with unwanted outside interference, most notably a re-emerging and dearly missed friend.

Meanwhile, Izaya Orihara still has some schemes up his sleeve, although a rival information exchange center has proven to be quite the hindrance, lurking within everyone’s favorite downtown district. Undoubtedly, sooner or later, chaos will strike again.

6. Durarara!! X2 The Second Arc: Onoroke Chakapoko (2015)

Durarara!! X2 The Second Arc: Onoroke Chakapoko (2015)

Rating: 4 out of 5.
TitleDurarara!!x2 Ten: Onoroke Chakapoko
AiredFall 2015

An extra episode airing at theatres which depicts the shocking incident that occurs during Celty and Shinra’s romantic trip together.

7. Durarara!! X2 The Third Arc (2016)

Durarara!! X2 The Third Arc (2016)

Rating: 4 out of 5.
TitleDurarara!!x2 Ketsu
AiredWinter 2016

The third part of Durarara!!x2

As Mikado Ryuugamine continues to purge the Dollars from within in accordance with his warped sense of justice, Masaomi Kida hopes to bring his friend back to his senses by bringing the Yellow Scarves together once more. Little do they know that a far more dominant force is about to enter their struggle for power, one that their friend Anri Sonohara is all too familiar with.

Meanwhile, the group that has gathered at Shinra Kishitani’s apartment realizes that they are on the brink of something life-changing, an event that will throw Ikebukuro into a spiral of confusion. Their anxiety is realized when reports of Celty’s head being found in public start to appear all over the news as Kasane Kujiragi begins to make her move.

Gone are the brief periods of tranquility as the current turmoil sets the stage for one final performance in this thrilling conclusion to the story of Ikebukuro’s finest.

8. Durarara!! X2 The Third Arc: DuFuFuFu!! (2016)

Durarara!! X2 The Third Arc: DuFuFuFu!! (2016)

Rating: 4 out of 5.
TitleDurarara!!x2 Ketsu: DuFuFuFu!!
AiredSpring 2016

The episode revolves around the man with “the worst luck in Ikebukuro,” Shizuo Heiwajima, and another blonde-haired, sunglasses-wearing man wearing a bartender outfit named Shidzuo Nobusuma. Shidzuo is a young hoodlum. As the two men’s fates are entangled, a new legend is born on the streets of Ikebukuro.

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