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Log Horizon Watch Order

log horizon anime isekai

Much like the “game-themed” isekai of recent times, Log Horizon starts with the protagonist, Shiroe realizing he has been transported to another world which at first looks very similar to the game he played “Elder Tales” or so he thought…

Gate Anime Watch Order

GATE Jieitai Kanochi nite Kaku Tatakaeri

So we got modern Japan military meets fantasy world, with inter dimensional magic gate that appears out of nowhere. The underline story of Gate is basically Japanese propaganda and otaku pandering. For the otaku pandering part you got a fantasy…

Kemonomimi: Animal Ears that Boost Cuteness

Olivia The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody Nekomimi

Kemonomimi (獣耳) literally means “animal ears,” and refers to anime and manga characters who have animal features or characteristics on their bodies. So, what distinguishes kemonomimi from other characters, such as monster females or furries?

Durarara!! Watch Order

durarara anime studio bones

Durarara!! is a unique anime that combines many different genres to create something truly amazing. The main concept of Durarara!! is to celebrate the chaos and mystery that unfolds around its diverse cast of characters. If you love something like…

Fate Series Watch Order

fate series anime

For those who want to dive into the Fate series, you’ll probably be scratching your head when you see all these different titles. I mean, there’s Fate/stay night with its various versions, then there’s Fate/Zero, Fate/Apocrypha, Fate/EXTRA Last Encore, and…

Sengoku Basara Watch Order

sengoku basara anime

Sengoku Basara is a video game series developed by Capcom, and it has spawned a larger media franchise, including this anime adaptation. The story is loosely based on real events from the Sengoku era, a feudal period in Japanese history,…