15 Best Gundam Girl Pilot

It’s no secret that the Gundam world has always been close to masculinity. All the main hero characters can be confirmed as boys. You see, Gundam is intended for male fans who will definitely be amazed by sophisticated big robots.

Although always close to the boy, it does not mean that the female character is always oppressed. Since the original Mobile Suit Gundam anime series first aired in 1979, there have been several female characters with fighting and navigation skills that have made them selected to be Mobile Suite and Gundam girl pilots.

Who are the female pilot characters in the Gundam universe?

1. Emma Sheen (Zeta Gundam)

Emma Sheen (Zeta Gundam)
  • Pilot: Gundam Mk-II

Before becoming a Gundam pilot, Emma was a reliable Titan army officer from Earth Federation, and had a high sense of justice. Well, this is what made him defect to AEUG after seeing the depravity in the Titan organization. 

At AEUG, he is known as a calculating leader as well as a skilled pilot. She was entrusted with piloting Gundam MkII, which at that time was outdated. However, Emma still controls it well and is able to finish off many enemies in a short time.

2. Four Murasame (Zeta Gundam)

Four Murasame (Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam)
  • Pilot: Psycho Gundam

After the One Year War, the young girl who would become Four Murasame lost her family, and after spending an unspecified time as a war orphan she was adopted by the Murasame Research Lab.

It was there were the Earth Federation Forces used and trained her to become an artificial Newtype, or called “Cyber-Newtype”. The scientist in charge of the project erased all her memories from her previous life and just gave her number ‘Four’ as the name. 

She convinced to working with the Titans and fighting the AEUG was the only way that she had to recover her memories. Not only that, but despite obtaining huge psychic powers and mecha piloting skills, she also suffers enough brain damage to sustain very painful headaches that can only be eased by powerful medication.

3. Roux Louka (Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ)

Roux Louka (Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ)
  • Pilot: Gundam Zeta

This one girl character can be said to be the favorite of many fans. Roux is beautiful, sarcastic, likes to tease guys, and of course has the ability to be a Gundam pilot. 

She is also confident with his abilities that made her career skyrocket as a pilot in the Gundam ZZ anime series. 

Roux is one of the few female pilot characters who is entrusted with driving the Gundam Zeta.

4. Karen Joshua (Gundam: The 08th MS Team)

Karen Joshua (Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team)
  • Pilot: Gundam RX-79 [G] Ground Type

From her appearance, it can be concluded that Karen is a tough and stubborn female pilot. In fact, Karen still has a feminine spirit and can be a gentle person when needed. 

Even so, her ability as a Gundam pilot doesn’t need to be doubted anymore. She is believed to be a Gundam RX-79(G) Ground Type pilot and proficient in using heavyweight weapons.

5. Christina MacKenzie (Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket)

Christina MacKenzie (Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket)
  • Pilot: RX-78NT-1 Gundam “Alex”

Christina has a graceful appearance, and her skill makes her enemies feel like they don’t have pilot skills. In fact, although not a Newtype, Christina has proven to be adept as a pilot who is able to defeat many enemies in one hit. It is this ability that she believes to be the test pilot of the Gundam RX-78NT-1 “Alex”.

6. Cagalli Yula Attha (Gundam SEED)

Marida Cruz (Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn)
  • Pilot: Gundam Akatsuki, Gundam Strike Rouge

As the princess of the Orb Union Kingdom, Cagalli has proven her ability in political affairs, especially in diplomacy with other kingdoms. She’s also not a typical royal princess. You see, Cagalli is a fierce girl who prefers to fight on the battlefield.

Her ability as a Gundam pilot is not so extraordinary. However, when Cagalli uses SEED mode, her accuracy ability increases so much that she scares her enemies in mid-range combat.

In the Gundam SEED anime series, Cagalli rides the Gundam Strike Rouge and Gundam Akatsuki.

7. Haman Karn (Zeta Gundam, ZZ)

Haman Karn (Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, ZZ)
  • Pilot: Qubeley

Are you satisfied with the adorable female pilots? Well, now I will introducing you with the most sadistic female pilot, namely Haman Karn. 

She is a Newtype whose abilities are said to exceed Char Aznable. Hence, her ability to control the Mobile Suit has been tested. 

Haman is also indiscriminate and likes to finish off opponents even when they have begged for forgiveness. In addition to being proficient as a pilot, Haman also has the ability as a politician and troop leader.

8. Elpeo Ple/Puru (Gundam ZZ)

Elpeo Ple/Puru (Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ)
  • Pilot: Qubeley Mk-II

Among the many female characters in the Gundam universe, Elpeo Ple is the most deceptive and surprising persona. 

She is a modified human designed by the Zeon faction to emulate Newtype’s abilities. Unfortunately, being Zeon’s ace, she even defected to AEUG because of Judau Ashta, the pilot of Gundam ZZ. 

She also considers Judau as an older brother and forces him to always play with her. Although impressed and not serious, as a Newtype, Puru is still a reliable pilot. 

She is able to control the Gundam Zeta and the Qubeley Mk-II psycommu system capable of removing barriers.

9. Marida Cruz (Gundam Unicorn)

Marida Cruz (Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn)
  • Pilot: Gundam Unicorn Banshee, Khsatriya

Among the female characters in the Gundam universe, Marida Cruz is arguably the one with the darkest past. He is one of 12 Elpeo Ple clones and the only survivor of the events of the Neo Zeon War. 

He was sold into slavery and always tortured by his master. It is this hard life that serves as a formidable pilot and Newtype. He is known as the pilot of the Mobile Suit Khsatriya who is able to control 18 funnels (guided missiles) at once. 

She also briefly piloted the Gundam Unicorn Banshee.

10. Rondo Mina Sahaku (Gundam SEED Astray)

Rondo Mina Sahaku (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Astray)
  • Pilot: Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina

As a descendant of the Orb nobility, his ability as a leader and ruler is unquestionable. Initially Mina had ambitions to rule the Earth and its atmosphere with her twin boy, Rondo Gina Sahaku. However, in the end, it was seen that it was Gina who really had evil ambitions.

Mina also prioritizes her ambition and makes protecting the colony and Orb refugees. Her ability as a pilot is also proven. Among other female pilots, Mina is arguably the coolest Gundam, namely the Gundam Astray Gold Frame “Amatsu Mina”.

11. Marie Parfacy (Gundam 00)

Marie Parfacy (Mobile Suit Gundam 00)
  • Pilot: GN Archer

Just like Marida Cruz, Marie is an artificial human created specifically as a named “weapon”. His body became stronger and had higher reflexes than ordinary humans.

Marie is also given an injection of nano-machines that allow her to move easily in space while increasing her self-healing abilities. 

Marie’s talent made her a proficient pilot. That’s why she was trusted to be the first lieutenant of the A-Laws troops.

12. Nena Trinity (Gundam 00)

Nena Trinity (Mobile Suit Gundam 00)
  • Pilot: Gundam Throne Drei

Nena is a skilled Gundam pilot and makes her trusted to control the Gundam Throne Drei. Unfortunately, rather than being called proficient, Nena is more fitting to be called a sadist and indiscriminate. Because of this, she is one of the characters in the Gundam universe who is hated by fans.

13. Julieta Juris (Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

Julieta Juris (Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans
  • Pilot: Reginlaze Julia

This female character is arguably one of the most hated characters in the Gundam universe. How not, she is the only enemy character who managed to kill the main hero character in the Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans, Mikazuki Augus. 

Initially, her ability as a pilot was still inferior to Mikazuki. However, she continues to be determined to become a formidable pilot by continuing to fight Mikazuki and his Gundam Barbatos. 

She is also a pilot who believes in his own abilities and is most reluctant to cheat. So when she was offered the Alana-Vijnana ability-boosting system, she turned it down. 

It is because of this ability that she is believed to be the pilot of Reginlaze Julia mobile suit.

14. Fumina Hoshino (Gundam Build Fighter)

Fumina Hoshino (Gundam Build Fighter)
  • Pilot: Gundam Star Winning

Actually, he’s not a real Gundam pilot. The thing is, the Gundam he controls is a Gunpla which is projected to become a real Gundam through a sophisticated machine in the Gundam Build Fighter anime series.

If she was a real Gundam pilot, Fumina would have been classified as an expert pilot. She controls the Gundam Star Winning Gundam which acts as support in SD form.

When transforming into real mode, Fumina is also proven to be able to increase her fighting ability.

15. Suletta Mercury (Gundam: The Witch From Mercury)

Suletta Mercury (Gundam: The Witch From Mercury)
  • Pilot: XVX-016 Gundam Aerial

Suletta Mercury is the protagonist of the latest Mobile Suit Gundam – the Witch from Mercury.

She is a second-year student at the Asticassia School of Technology’s piloting department, who transferred to the school from Mercury. She is the pilot of the Gundam Aerial developed on Mercury


So, among the female pilot characters above, which one can make your heart skip a beat?

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