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Kakegurui Live Action Watch Order

kakegurui live action minami hamabe

There are various reasons to watch Kakegurui live action version, one of which is because Minami Hamabe, who is usually a cute girl, turned out to be a gambling maniac by playing Yumeko Jabami here. With an elite academy background,…

15 Best Gundam Girl Pilot

gundam girl pilot

It’s no secret that the Gundam world has always been close to masculinity. All the main hero characters can be confirmed as boys. You see, Gundam is intended for male fans who will definitely be amazed by sophisticated big robots.

Sword Art Online Watch Order

sword art online kirito asuna

Almost invincible main characters, epic boss fights, and of course, that legendary waifu, all packed into beautiful animations. Sword Art Online is definitely a dream anime for every gamer. However, for those who are not gamers or have never played…

Berserk Watch Order

berserk anime

Berserk is one of the longest-running series, often going on hiatus just like it was with Hunter x Hunter. As a seinen anime series, Berserk has many interesting themes with a balance between gory action scenes, immersive character development, and…

10 Best Anime from Studio White Fox

best anime white fox studio

Gaku Iwasa founded the studio in April 2007 after his team left OLM, an animation studio best known for the dark fantasy hits Berserk as well as the Pokémon series. After the success of the third series, Steins; Gate, which…

xxxHOLiC Watch Order

xxxholic anime

Funny, creepy, dark, interesting and clever. Those would be the words that could describe xxxHOLiC. Prepare to be taken on a tour de force through the world of the supernatural. The story behind xxxHOLiC is intriguing and interesting, revolving around…

Overlord Watch Order

overlord anime isekai overpower

As an isekai anime, Overlord has a unique story that follows the adventures of a villain character with god-level powers. The protagonist Ainz Ooal Gown, also known as Momonga, is trapped in a virtual game that has been played until…